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ripgrep - an extremely fast grep alternative

3 minute read

If you’ve used grep to search for text or patterns in files, you’ll love ripgrep - a command-line utility tool written in Rust. By default, ripgrep will resp...

Let’s NOT have a beer

3 minute read

For the first time, I won a major raffle at a recent conference. However, I had to give the prize back since it was a beer dispenser and I don’t drink. If yo...

StackConf 2022 Conference - Reflection

4 minute read

Last month I travelled across the pond to attend and give a talk at StackConf EU 2022 - an open-source infrastructure-focused conference. After two virtual e...

Dewan learns Kafka - Let’s talk to Kafka

6 minute read

In this week’s blog, I try to make sense of Apache Kafka® ProducerAPI and ConsumerAPI. In an effort to do so, I use a simple Java program to produce some mes...

Dewan learns Kafka - Basics

4 minute read

I am NOT a Kafka expert. The fact is, I’ve just started learning this topic. I believe that the best way to learn something is to learn in public. In this fi...

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10 steps to a better Dockerfile

7 minute read

The journey to the cloud typically starts with containerizing your apps. One of the first challenges developers face is writing the blueprint for those conta...

Dear tech recruiters,

9 minute read

Are Developer Advocates the same as Developers? How do a Project Manager, Program Manager, and Product Manager differ in their roles? How about a UX Designer...

How to get involved with Open Source

3 minute read

Recently, a student reached out to me and asked: Could you guide me in terms of how I can get started with contributing to open source projects?

7 OpenShift Questions and 8 Answers

3 minute read

Few years ago, I gave an IBM-internal talk on OpenShift. During my favorite part of the talk (the Q&A), a number of good questions came up. I took away s...

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