Dewan Ahmed is a Principal Developer Advocate at Harness, a company that aims to enable every software engineering team in the world to deliver code reliably, efficiently and quickly to their users. Before joining Harness, he worked at IBM, Red Hat, and Aiven as a developer, QA lead, consultant, and developer advocate.

For the last twelve years, Dewan has worked to solve DevOps and infrastructure problems for small startups, large enterprises, and governments. Starting his public speaking at a toastmaster in 2016, he has been speaking at tech conferences and meetups for the last seven years. His work is fueled by a passion for open-source and a deep respect for the tech community. Dewan writes about app/data infrastructure, developer advocacy, and his thoughts around a career in tech on this blog.

Outside of work, he’s an advocate for underrepresented groups in tech and offers pro bono career coaching as his way of giving back.

A subset of Dewan’s content contributions and public talks